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As living beings, we are in a constant state of flux as we strive for equilibrium to combat stresses that affect our balance and well-being each day.

Naturally, these stresses have an effect on our skin, body and emotions. DeLeonardo Aveda Salon & Spa knows what services and treatments will bring you back into balance.

With a deep root in holistic philosophy, our stylists and therapists will create a personalized service using nurturing high-touch approaches and unique sensory experiences to bring you back into balance.



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we want you to know what is always available to you at the best price.

Treatments and Add-ons to your hair services are the easiest way to keep your color, cut, style, and health of your hair in tip top shape.

Aveda has some amazing products/treatments that are specialized to work for your hair. The best part is, they add very little cost and very little time to your services. On top of that we believe that when you combine these treatments together, you are giving your hair the ultimate treatment. Each treatment has a specific purpose and can be combined with others, they play well together, and when you combine these treatment options you save! So here they are…

       Express Conditioning Treatment $25 (Dry or Damage Remedy)

This express conditioning treatment is applied while you are at the shampoo bowl, adding zero time to you service. The penetrating treatments (either Dry Remedy or Damage Remedy) are concentrated with botanicals tailored to enhancing the strength, durability, and condition or your hair. Who needs this? If you color your hair, heat style your hair, or just feel like the integrity of your hair isn’t what it used to be, the Express Conditioning Treatment is a great option for you.

Pramasana Treatment $25

The Pramasana line of products is Aveda’s newest hair solution. Unfortunately a crowd favorite, Scalp Benefits is no longer available, but do not fret. Itchy scalp, dry scalp, product build up? Pramasana has you covered. Available to customers, the Pramasana Cleanser, and Concentrate will keep your scalp free and clear-promoting healthy growth, and your follicles free and clear or unwanted build up. Now for the Treatment... Pramasana offers a Scalp Conditioning Treatment- Which we can provide! When it is time for your shampoo, your scalp is cleansed using the Pramasana Cleanser (sits for 5 minutes), then the Pramasana Treatment is applied to your scalp- providing moisture, helping repair, and leaving you with the cleanest feeling hair, you will want to let the windows down when you drive home!

Malibu Treatment $30-$35

Do you have hard water? Swim? Use a lot of styling products? Feel like you color isn’t lasting as long or staying as bright? BINGO, a Malibu treatment simply applied after the hair has been cleansed at the shampoo bowl. Between 5-15 minutes under the dryer, hair is washed out, hooray- all of those extra unwanted hangers on…gone! Malibu’s are great every couple months for those of you dealing with hard water, or chlorine. Malibu’s are even greater pre-color application, ensuring the color that is applied to your hair, isn’t being interrupted,                      applied to build up free hair.

Olaplex Add-On $25

Color your hair? Olaplex is made for you, whether you lighten, darken, or bleach. Olaplex is added to your hair color before application, its essential oils, and conditioners helps hair process with virtually no damage. Color is washed out and Olaplex Treatment Conditioner is applied. Once you have tried this, you won’t ever consider not adding it to your color service!

Here is where you save…

Talk to your stylist about any of the treatments offered, they can help figure out which is best, they can also recommend a treatment plan. Combining one or more of the treatments, saves, your hair and your wallet.

Combine two…Add $5-$10!

Saving you $20-$30!!