What can I expect when I come to the spa?

The Aveda Spa Experience is an expression of Aveda's unique point of difference that will take you into a total relaxation experience.

First, you will be welcomed and greeted by our Guest Service Coordinator, Spa Attendant or Aveda Advisor and brought back to the spa contemplation room. You will be offered Comforting Tea or Water. Then the coordinator will confirm your service appointments and guild you through the check-in process and introduce you to the spa and it's facilities.

If it is your first time you will be given a complete tour of the spa and facilities along with a brief introduction of our philosophy and mission. You will given a brief introduction and overview of the Aveda Skin and Body Care collection and informed of specific products you will be experiencing during your spa service(s)

Next you will be given an esthetic analysis and consultation. Where the service provider will observe and gather information and expertly evaluate your current needs. A professional treatment plan and self-care program will be recommend.

Then you will experience an aroma journey to balance the mind, body and spirit. After that you will have an explanation of what service you are about to experience to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing treatment. This begins the relaxation process and you will be escorted to the treatment room.

When the service is finished it is very important to have a moment or two to adjust as you awaken to a new and refreshed sense of well-being.

You will be invited to partake of a little refreshment-purified water with fresh lemon or a mint leaf along with a little nourishment such as fresh or dried fruit which is very helpful during this post treatment transition time.

The service provider will want to know how you are feeling and if you enjoyed the service. Also what you enjoyed most about your treatment.

You will then be escorted to the spa contemplation room where you may have questions about the product recommendations from the service provider. Feel free to ask for a professional treatment plan, recommendations and frequency.

It is important for you to emerge from the treatment room feeling and looking presentable, at this time you can relax in the spa contemplation room for a few quite moments or change in the locker room. The service provider, support person or the Aveda Advisor will then perform a finishing touch of make up for you and provide further in-depth product education on products and guild you through the check out process and pre-book your next appointment.